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Disability Insurance


To break the "cycle of struggle" for the people of Springfield, Eugene, and Lane County.

This is how are we going to achieve this mission 

  1.  Empower- We don't just teach people how to become financially stable, we help them become resilient and unshakable.

  2. Educate- We mentor community youth, we offer internship opportunities to keep talented people in our community.

  3. ​​​Include- We give access to traditionally under-served segments of our society by providing 'affordable and quality' financial advice from the position of a fiduciary.

  4. Lead- We serve on multiple Springfield and Lane County boards and committees where we champion financial literacy and nutritional literacy education in our schools. 

Our Core Values- And how we live them


  1. Stewardship- We reward your faith in us with diligence, transparency, and intentionality. We recognize the protection of your investments, the community, and the environment is essential to your future. We are patient, thus, we don't put our clients at risk while chasing unrealistic returns.

  2. Independence- Unlike so many others, T. Mann Financial is not restricted to represent only one product or company. We are independent and our client’s needs remain our first consideration.

  3. Dignity- We aim to return dignity to the profession that has been exploitative, conflict-ridden, inaccessible, and of inconsistent quality. Too long have people had to go through life without a plan or get taken advantage of by financial predators. From the position of a fiduciary, not a salesperson, we offer advice that is truly in your best interest.

  4. Passion- We educate with knowledge and skill, we inspire with passion and pride. Our work changes peoples' lives. We take pride in our method, our service, and your results.

Our Company Culture- Operationalized


  1. Judgement-free- Life happens, we should't judge, we should be there for each other. Employees should maintain strict confidentiality with kindness always in-mind.

  2. Community Driven- Employees are encouraged to volunteer and donate locally. We can only achieve our collective mission if we collaborate with and invest in others. 

  3. Audacious- We at T. Mann Financial have the audacity to question, challenge and disrupt the system. If there is a more efficient, more ethical, or more fun way to approach something, employees are encouraged to speak up and be the change.

  4. High-jumpers- The finance industry often sets a low bar. We at T. Mann Financial strive to always go above and beyond to hurdle over the greed of our competitors to find our clients the low-cost investments that actually equate to returns.

  5. 2019 Style- We value and reward: collaboration, feedback, group decision making, open-communication, respecting privacy, celebrating diversity, living wages, continuing education, tech savvy, and innovation. We detest: immoral companies, racism, corruption, waste, fraud, stagnation, pushy sales, robo-calls, spam mail, and cubicles. 

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