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Frequently Asked Questions


Independent Advice from a Local Professional

When can I get started?

We are by appointment only, 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week.

You can schedule online or give us a call at 541-583-0093.

What should I expect from a free initial consultation?

The goal of our initial consultations is to get to know you and your needs better to see

if our services fit. They are confidential, no-obligation, and are not high-pressure.

What services do you currently offer?

We currently offer financial planning, wealth management, and insurance

services, as well as financial education classes.


Independent Advice from a Local Professional

Goal-Oriented Investing

Competitive Insurance (Life, Health, Disability)

We help grow and empower communities

Financial Planning
Financial Education
Financial FAQ

How much does it cost to see a financial planner?

Initial consultations are 100% complimentary!

After that it depends on the service you select, prices are posted on the services page.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, click here.

What is a Financial Plan?

Financial planning is the long-term method of carefully managing your finances so you can achieve your life's goals and dreams, while at the same time navigating the financial challenges that arise in every stage of life. In order to create an effective plan, your current financial health should be reviewed. Goals are then set to analyze and evaluate your plan in the future. Monitoring the plan on an ongoing basis, and developing an action plan, are essential in order to make necessary adjustments to reach your goals.

What is Financial Literacy?

"Personal finance describes the principals and methods that individuals use to acquire and manage income and assets. Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one's financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security."


-Jump Start Coalition 

Use our online calendar to schedule a complimentary virtual financial consultation today!

If you, or someone you know, is in need of financial advice right now, follow the link below to schedule your complimentary virtual consultation.


No obligation or commitments required.

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