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Financial Education classes for businesses. Reduce employee assenteeism, increase productivity, or meet regulatory mandates.


A financially stable individual is more likely to be a consistently productive employee.

Whether your goal is to reduce employee absenteeism, increase productivity, or meet regulatory mandates such as those required by ERISA we can craft a program that addresses your needs. 

Todd Mann Financial Services offers financial education classes to schools. Our curriculum levels include adult, college, high school, middle school, 3-5th grade, and PK-2nd grade


It's important to start learning good financial habits as early as possible to build a solid foundation to grow from.

Our Curriculum Levels



High School

Middle School

3-5th Grade

PK- 2nd Grade

Todd Mann Financial Services offers financial education classes to local groups in order to empower members of your group with the financial skills needed to succeed.

Local Groups

Empower members of your group with the financial skills that are essential to succeed in today's fast paced world.

When group members are thriving financially they often have more time to volunteer and more flexibility to contribute to community organizations and those in Springfield and Eugene Oregon are no exception.

What is Financial Literacy?


"Possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual's personal, family, and global community goals." -National Financial Educators Council

Key Concepts of Financial Literacy 

Financial Psychology 

Savings, Expenses, & Budgeting

Account Management

Loans & Debt

Risk Management & Insurance

Investments & Financial Planning

Skill Development

Jobs & Careers

Credit Profile

Economic & Government Influences

Financial Education Program Design


Successful programs include these four elements:


Clear Programming Goals

Current financia wellness, financial sentiment, willingness to modify behaviors, content knowledge, savings & investments, debt load, credt score results,wage garnishments, retirement plan contributions.

We identify what you want to accomplish and use the principle of backwards design to develop your program.

We set quantifiable goals, identify any organization specific constraints, and develop clear measurement objectives.


Personal measurements can include

  • Current Financial Wellness

  • Financial Sentiment (feelings)

  • Willingness to modify behaviors

  • Content Knowledge

  • Savings & Investments

  • Debt Load

  • Credit Score Results 

  • Wage Garnishment

  • Retirement Plan Contributions

Organizational measurements include

  • Meeting Regulatory Mandates

  • Absenteeism Levels

  • Productivity Measures

  • Revenue

  • Brand Enhancement


Qualified Educator

NFEC Certified Financial Edcation Instructor.

A critical driver of a successful, credible program is having local competent educators.

Todd Mann is an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor who provides financial literacy workshops, keynote speaking, and program development in and around Springfield, Oregon. He also serves groups across the United States that are looking to build financial education programming that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of participants. He has spent 10 years in education at all levels including the last six as a university professor. He is a fully licensed financial professional and owner of T. Mann Financial.


Todd is a financial literacy champion. It is his mission to break the "cycle of struggle" for the people of Springfield, Eugene, and Lane County. 


High-Quality Materials

A successful financial education program includes high-quality material. Interactive activities, educational standards, practical lessons, and modular design. 100% independent.

The next step is to ensure that you have access to high-quality materials.               



Topics covered through engaging and interactive activities

Aligned with personal finance and educational standards

Practical lessons encourage students to act

Flexible, modular design accommodates any schedule


The NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum is 100% independent and the organization’s sole purpose is to improve participants’ financial capabilities. No advertising, promotions, or product recommendations are contained in any of the NFEC’s material.


Empirical Evidence of Program Impact

A successful financial education program design

Conduct comprehensive pre- and post-testing and longer-term measurements that demonstrate behavior change.

Participant Recognition

We can provide standards-based assessments that demonstrate achievement of a set of learning outcomes. This enables us to provide certification that is independent verification of the participants' success. 

Todd Mann Financial Services

The Curriculum


Our flexible, modular design accommodates any schedule and the financial education needs of any organization

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