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True happiness stems from more than just how much money a person has. Here are some ways that we suggest prioritizing to live a happier life.

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Use Charts/Graphs/Info: This page is all about data! Cite data sources, keep it as localized as possible, tell stories, use numbers like here are the top 5 things that I do with my kids in Springfield that bring me the most happiness" or something way better than that. 

Questions this should answer:

  1. What makes people happy in general?

  2. How can we use our money to be happier?

  3. How can we set goals and objectives to lead to more happiness in our lives?
  4. What purchases lead to the most or least happiness?

  5. What are the most cost-effective ways to be happier?

  6. What are examples of things we can do locally to make us happier- great for SEO.

Prioritizing experiences helps increase happiness


Spending money on experiences, such as trips, concerts, or special meals, can bring more happiness than buying material things, such as gadgets or clothes

Prioritizing relationships helps to increase happiness


Social relationships and connection are the most important contributors to happiness. Having strong social connections and a sense of community can lead to greater financial happiness.

Focusing on physical health helps improve happiness

Physical Health

Physical fitness and health can lead to increased self-esteem, energy, and happiness. It also decreases the risk of depression and allows you to focus on investing in physical experiences rather than material possessions. 

Focusing on mental health can help improve happiness

Mental Health

Prioritizing mental health helps improve happiness by reducing stress and anxiety. Engaging in practices such as therapy can help improve happiness through the development of coping mechanisms to get through difficult experiences. 

Balance between work and life helps improve happiness.


It is important to maintain a balance between work

obligations and your personal life. If you focus too much on working, then there will not be enough time to focus on other things which can disrupt a work-life balance.  

Loving your work and finding purpose in it helps increase happiness


Having a job that gives meaning or purpose can lead to greater happiness, regardless of how much money one makes

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