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Health Worksheet


  • Online data collection (can't say Medicare) Look what Oregon Insurance Company has on their website… Get a Quote Page

  • Disclaimer, this is for quoting purposes only, this is used to be the most efficient with the time.

  • How often do you go to the doctor?

  • What network is your doctor in?

  • Total annual healthcare costs

  • Current conditions

  • Current medical prescriptions

Who needs it?

If people are your business's greatest asset, you may need

Key Person Insurance. 

Who is a Key Person?

Someone who's contribution to your business is significant and who's death would place a financial burden on the business.


Top sales people

Highly visible employees


Highly skilled or talented employees

What happens when a key person dies?

Your business may need to...

Hire and train a new employee

Rebuild company morale

Pay money to the deceased's family

Repair credit hurt by the loss

Replace lost earnings

How much is a key person worth?

Valuation Methods:

Multiple of salary

Contribution to earnings

Present value of projected loss in earnings

Replacement Cost

One year's profit

How does it work?

3 Easy Steps

  1. Determine value of employee

  2. Get employees consent and apply for insurance 

  3. Pay Premium- Business is payer, owner, and beneficiary


If key person dies, benefits are paid to the business income tax free

  1. Replacement Cost

  2. One year's profit

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