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Let us help you keep your finances in order so you can continue to serve our community

"As an elected official myself, I understand the sacrifices that are made in order to serve our community.

I have seen too many great community leaders struggle financially preventing them from continuing to serve.

Let us help you build a solid financial foundation so that you can focus on leading."

Todd Mann, Financial Advisor

Todd Mann

Elected and Appointed Government Officials

We Plan, So You Can Lead.

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Volunteering your time to be in public service can weigh on your finances, T. Mann Financial is offering complimentary financial planning to any current public office holder as our way of showing support to those who give so much to their communities.

What might a financial plan include?

Goal Exploration

Risk Analysis

Basic Retirement Plan/Portfolio Review

Financial Wellness Check

Investment Profile

Goal-Oriented Action Plan

Young Businesswomen

Aspiring Leaders & Candidates for Office

A solid financial foundation can help you stay focused on your campaign goals.


Don't wait until you're worried about your campaign finances to take care of your personal finances.

Independent Advice from a Local Professional

We help grow and empower communities with financial literacy

Getting on track with your finances can be easier than you think once you have a solid plan. Let us help you get started today.

Financial education programs from T. Mann Financial include these four elements:

  • Clear Programming Goals

  • Qualified Educator

  • High-Quality Materials

  • Empirical Evidence of Program Impact

T. Mann Financial offers a flexible planning approach, which always starts with a complimentary consultation. After that you can select:

  • a planning package

  • by the hour

  • or by the service

Covering key components such as:

  • Savings, Expenses, & Budgeting

  • Loans & Debt

  • Risk Management & Insurance

  • and more...

Ask us if you qualify for a discount!

Are you an aspiring leader trying to take control of your finances?

Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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Value-Driven Citizens

Do your investments align with your values?


What is important to you about the companies you invest in?

Environmental Impact

Ethical & Moral Impact

Political Impact

Socio-economic Impact

Social Justice Impact

Public Health Impact

Faith Impact

Local Community Impact

Like who you vote for, where and who you invest with matters.

Oregon residents may qualify for a tax credit when making contributions to a 529 college savings account

Did you know

Oregon Residents

may qualify for up to a

$100 Tax Credit

for making political contributions?


Find out more at Oregonlaws.org.


No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, wouldn’t it be nice if your investments aligned with the way you see the world?