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Oregon FICA Accounts

Discover the power of financial security with a FICA Savings Account through T. Mann Financial.

How to open a FICA Acct

 Online Application 100K Min. Deposit

FICA Examples

See when a FICA might help you.

FICA Acct Overview

FICA Account Overview

Oregon FICA Savings Accounts could potentially help Oregonians insure deposits over $250,000.

High FDIC Insurance Limit

T. Mann Financial can help you gain access to up to $25 Million in FDIC Insurance (per Tax ID)

FDIC Insurance limits traditional accounts like checking and savings accounts are limited to just $250,000 per tax ID. 

How is the limit so high?

One of our affiliates, StoneCastle, grants us the opportunity to provide our clients with a high-yield federally insured cash account. The deposits are spread across hundreds of network banks, and are easily accessible through a 24/7 online access dashboard.

A three-step process describing how a FICA Account can be made through T. Mann Financial.

High Interest for Oregon Residents

The National Average

The current national average APY for a savings account is 0.42%, according to the FDIC as of June 6th 2023.


Please check the FDIC site here for the most up-to-date average national rate information.

FICA Accounts via T. Mann Financial

FICA Account via T. Mann Financial is currently yielding an APY of 5.00% for deposits up to $1,000,000 as of Nov. 29th, 2023.


Deposits over $1,000,000 will have a blended rate with the APY being over 4% at $25 million.


Rates change frequently, please check here for the most up-to-date information.

Why does the interest rate matter?  Answer: Compounding Interest

Graph of compounding  interest comparison between FICA and traditional savings accounts

At an account size of $1 million, an account yielding 4.5% APY will earn $568,268 in ten years; whereas the same account yielding 0.42% APY will earn $42,894

How to open a FICA Acct

How to open a FICA Account

Take the first steps to opening a high-yield savings account.

How to Open a FICA Account in Oregon through T. Mann Financial 

T. Mann Financial How to Open a FICA Account

Step 1. Click this link and start your application

Step 2. Deposit your funds

Easily move money in-and-out of your account.

Your Online Dashboard

Gain access to a 24/7 application that allows you to manage and monitor your funds seamlessly.

*Note that there is a $100,000 minimum initial deposit, and an annual .1% fee

Start Benefiting from a FICA Account today!

FICA Example

FICA Examples for Oregon Residents

T. Mann Financial can help advise Oregon Residents on when a FICA Account should be used.

Capitalize on your FICA Account!

Away from Home

Spend less time worrying about your money by having up to $25 million being insured.

A FICA Account can be used to keep up to $25 million safe in the event of a disaster, or if you are unable to manage your money with a watchful eye.

Surplus of Cash

If you're in a position where you have more cash than you can manage, use a FICA Account!

FICA Banking Crisis

Banking Crisis

Protect more of your money in the event of a banking crisis or  banking failure.

A Banking Crisis Example

Imagine a professor at the University of Oregon named Jake who has an opportunity to go on a sabbatical in Europe for a year. This is convenient because he was hoping to downsize his home in Eugene and decided to sell before he left for and then will purchase a smaller one when he returns. 


Jake puts all of the $1,000,000 proceeds of the sale into a local bank. Six months go by, and Jake was shocked to learn that his bank collapsed, and is left with a quarter of his money. 

Jake could have avoided this problem by using an Oregon FICA Savings Account to insure deposits over $250,000 safely in his bank.

Jake's $1,000,000 investment during a bank failure illustrated

FICA Bank Failure info graphic
FICA Bank Failure FDIC Insurance Info Graphic

When could Oregon Residents  benefit from using a FICA Account 

Through T. Mann Financial, gain a much higher APY than your standard savings account, and insure a substantial amount of your money as well.

FICA Saving Money to buy a house
  • As of 2023, Oregon has a state Capital Gains Tax (CGT) up to 9.9%

  • Generally, short-term CGT can range from 10% to 37% depending on income, and long-term CGT can range from 0% to 20%, also depending on income

  • This can combine together to be a sizable portion taken off of your stock option after selling, which is why it is important to recognize the timing and conditions of sale

Section 1202

  • Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code allows holders of Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) to exclude 50% to 100% of capital gains on the sale of QSBS, and Oregon follows the section 1202 100% tax exclusion on capital gains from the sale of QSBS            

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