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T. Mann Financial Provides
Complimentary Portfolio Analysis in Oregon

T. Mann Financial can empower Oregon residents by helping them better understand their investment portfolio.

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What is a Financial Portfolio Analysis?


Oregon Residents should be aware of the benefits and risks when requesting their financial portfolio to be reviewed.

What is a Fiancial Portfolio Analysis

In Oregon a financial portfolio analysis is a assessment of an individual's or entity's investment holdings.

What Investments are usually included

How Portfolio Analysis works

Goals of Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio reviews usually include stocks, bonds, funds, real estate investments, cash reserves, retirement accounts, and alternative investments.

The analysis aims to evaluate the portfolio's performance, risk exposure, diversification, and alignment with the investor's goals and risk tolerance. 

 By examining historical performance and making future projections, the analysis can help in making informed decisions to optimize the portfolio and achieve long-term financial objectives.

10 Common Red Flags

During a financial portfolio analysis, common red flags that may be found include:

  1. High concentration in a single asset or sector, indicating lack of diversification.

  2. Poor performance that is consistent compared to relevant benchmarks or peers.

  3. Excessive risk exposure beyond the investor's risk tolerance or stated objectives.

  4. Inadequate liquidity, with a significant portion of the portfolio tied up in illiquid assets.

  5. High fees and expenses, which can erode overall returns over time.

  6. Unsuitable investments not aligned with the investor's goals or financial situation.

  7. Poorly managed or underperforming funds or investment managers.

  8. Lack of transparency in the portfolio holdings or investment strategies.

  9. Rapid and frequent trading, suggesting speculative behavior or market timing attempts.

  10. Inconsistent or misleading reporting, indicating potential mismanagement or fraud.

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Reasons why Oregonians Analyse their Portfolios


There are many reasons to consider getting your portfolio reviewed by a professional.

What is yours?

Reasons why Oregonians Analyse their Portfolios

Why get your portfolio reviewed?

Expecting Couple

Life Changes

After significant life events like marriage, divorce, inheritance, or starting a business, to review and adjust their portfolio accordingly.

Tying a Knot

Risk Assessment

To understand the level of risk exposure in their portfolio and ensure it aligns with their risk tolerance.


Goal Alignment

To ensure their portfolio aligns with their financial goals, whether it's retirement planning, saving for a major purchase, or funding education.

A woman analysing stocks

Professional Guidance

Seeking advice from financial advisors to make informed decisions about their investments.

Credit Assessment

Fee Concerns

To identify any high fees or expenses that might be impacting overall returns.

Filling Out Tax Form

Tax Concerns

To optimize their portfolio for tax efficiency and potentially reduce tax liabilities.

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T. Mann Financial's Portfolio Analysis Process


T. Mann Financial in Springfield Oregon offers a quick and efficient way to review your existing portfolio.

T. Mann Financial's Portfolio Analysis Process

3 Step T. Mann Financial Portfolio Review

Step 1.

Email us your most recent statement

T. Mann Financial has implemented data security measures designed to protect the personal information you share with us.

Your data will remain confidential and will be only used for the purpose of conducting the analysis.


There is no obligation, portfolio analysis are 100% complimentary

Send your email to:

Please see our disclosures for more information

Step 2.

Complete the Portfolio Analysis Submission Form Below

Feel free to give us a call (541-583-0093) if you have any questions.

Step 3.

Book at 30-minute Complimentary Initial Consultation

Click here to book your complimentary consultation to discuss the results of your portfolio review.

Portfolio Review
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