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Analysing Data

Wealth Management


Fee-only, Goal-Oriented Investing

*Minimum New Account Balance of $500,000 as of July 2023

Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy


See how this aligns with our Mission, Values, & Culture

Our priority is getting you to your goals, not chasing unrealistic returns.

This means we don't put our clients' assets in unnecessary risks.

We take the time to do our due diligence on the investments we make.

We try to avoid market bubbles and view market corrections as opportunities.

Wealth Management Services

Our Wealth Management Services




  • Customized Portfolio

  • Diverse Asset Allocation

  • Online Account Portal

  • Annual Portfolio Review Meeting (1hr.)

  • Automatic rebalancing

  • 5% Discount for Financial Planning Services

  • Basic SRI Options

  • Year-round Financial Emergency Support.




  • Customized Portfolio

  • Diverse Asset Allocation

  • Online Account Portal

  • Semi-Annual Portfolio Review Meeting (1hr.)

  • Choice of Automatic or Manual rebalancing

  • 25% Discount for Financial Planning Services

  • Advanced SRI Options

  • Year-round Financial Emergency Support.

  • Technology Fee Waived




  • Customized Portfolio

  • Diverse Asset Allocation

  • Online Account Portal

  • Quarterly Portfolio Review Meeting (1hr.)

  • Choice of Automatic or Manual rebalancing

  • 50% Discount for Financial Planning Services

  • Advanced SRI Options

  • Year-round Financial Emergency Support.

  • Technology Fee Waived

  • Access to Alternative Investments (Accredited Investors Only)

T. Mann Wealth Management

Wealth Management

An integrated, customized solution that goes beyond simple asset allocation.

We have the independence to offer Alternative Investments to accredited investors clients. From hotel chains to block chain we give our clients the tools they need to protect their assets in an uncertain future. 

How are you prepared for a market downturn?

Click here to get a complimentary Portfolio Analysis

  1. Start with the client's goal-oriented asset allocation

  2. Determine the appropriate account type (tax-advantaged or taxable)

  3. Filter out expensive mutual funds (see why below)

  4. Filter out funds with low volumes (this improves liquidity)

  5. Filter out funds with high expense ratios (lowers the cost of ownership)

  6. Select the top 3-5 funds in each asset class

  7. Compare the performance, yields, holdings, etc. of the funds

  8. Select only the funds that rise to the top of this comparison.

  9. Review to make sure no over-weighting took place.

Best Funds
Investment Methodology

Our Investment Methodology

We build portfolios using advanced software that matches your risk tolerance

Risk Scores: Allow us to build truly customized portfolios


Risk Score: 75

Portfolios Can Include:

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • REITS and QOZFs

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • Annuities

  • Life Insurance

  • Alternative Investments

What sets us apart

  • The independence to offer a full range of investment options.

  • 100% Fee Transparency

  • One of the lowest fees in the industry

  • No 1-800 numbers, just real people

Risk Scores
Why we prefer ETFs to mutual funds

Why we prefer ETFs to Mutual Funds

ETFs VS Mutual Funds

  1. ETFs typically have much lower expense ratios (ongoing expenses). 

  2. ETFs have no up-front or deferred sales charges (up to 8.5%).

  3. ETFs have no ongoing 12B-1 fees weighing down on returns.

  4. ETFs are more liquid because the are traded on the market and don't have surrender charges.

  5. ETFs are more tax efficient because less trading is done inside the accounts.

  6. ETFs have no minimum initial investment requirements beyond the value of a single share.

  7. ETFs tend to have higher returns than their mutual fund equivalents because of their fees. 

Our Service Fee

Our Service Fee vs. Others

*For all New accounts as of January 2023

Financial Advisor
  • A single low asset-based fee

  • There are no hidden fees, no trailing fees and no trade commissions

  • 100% Transparency, you will receive an advanced billing notice with an exact dollar amount that is charged.

  • It is billed quarterly and will total .9% annually.

  • This fee is all-inclusive, it includes the custodians' normal fees, the RIA's fees, and the advisor fees.

  • *Custodians may have additional special servicing fees for things like wire transfers.

  • *Orion Tech Fee of $10/Quarter per account. 


Commission-Based Advisors

  • Often have multiple layers of fees

  • Can hide fees in places like expense ratios

  • Often only disclose what is legally required after the fact.

  • Some may earn commission or production bonuses based on what products they sell. That's the main reason you hear so much about mutual funds, annuities, and insurance.

  • A large percentage of the proceeds of their fees often end up going to benefit the executives of large firms and out of the local economy.

Consider the example of this couple entering retirement.

They plan to rollover a $1,000,000 retirement account.

Finanical Planner

Commission-Based Advisors

  • Their cash would be invested into investments like ETFs with low expense ratios that average close to .1-.2%

  • The couple would receive an advanced billing notice that showed their first full quarter fees of about .225% or $2,250 will be taken out of the funds balance. The custodian company typically takes about 20% of that fee, then the RIA takes 10% of what is left, and then the remainder goes to T. Mann Financial, in this example: $1,620.

  • The total annual cost (.9% advisory and expense ratio) in this scenario would be about:  $10,000/year or 1%

  • Their investments could be sold at anytime without penalty, commission, or surrender charge. 

  • We can afford to charge less because we are 100% Independent.

  • The couple could for example be sold a Variable Annuity that invests in Mutual funds.

  • Annuities can have up to an 8.5% Sales Charge

  • This allows the financial advisor to be paid a commission of about $85,000.

  • To cover these costs and also to make a profit the Insurance companies limit the types of investments in the annuity to expensive mutual funds with expense ratios over 1%.

  • Additionally, the insurance company will lock up your investments and require a surrender charge of up to 8.5% in order to cover the commission paid to the advisor. Although this penalty will decrease overtime it often takes 7-8 years to be fully removed.

  • Additionally, the insurance company will charge the account balance "internal charges" that often total 2-3% annually. 

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Socially Responsible Investing

Do your investments align with your values?

Socially Responsible Investing

What is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?

SRI is an investment route that considers the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in order to generate a competitive return on investments while making a positive societal impact. This includes companies that respect the environment, treat their employees and suppliers fairly and promote ethical policies.


Climate Change


Renewable Energy



Local Communities

Health & Safety


Management Structure

Board Diversity

Executive Compensation

Why would you choose SRI?

It allows you to invest in social causes you care about - while working toward both positive change and financial gain.

There are several reasons people choose sustainable investing, including personal values, ethics, and goals. Sustainable investors try to aim for competitive returns on their investments, while also keeping in mind that their investments should be used to make a positive societal change. This also includes contributing to advancements in social, environmental, and governance practices. 

Socially Responsible

Ethical Investing

Aligned with your values

Positive Change + Financial Gain

Getting Started With Socially Responsible Investing

Getting Started

Start by identifying the level of risk you’re willing to take on. Consider your income and any current investments you have, including corporate-sponsored retirement plans.


Then, define what “socially responsible,” “sustainable” and “impact” mean to you. Do you want to invest according to green energy or more in female-led companies? Think about your moral, ethical, religious and social values. Measure their potential to impact a specific cause or movement.

T. Mann Financial's SRO process

  1. Identify Values- We have a conversation with our clients to identify what values they would like to see reflected in their investment portfolio.

  2. Select a Strategy- Our two main strategies for SRI are to either overweight SRI investments in a portfolio or to exclude specific non-SRI investments.

  3. Build the SRI Portfolio- We utilize Riskalize software to build a portfolio that matches our clients' risk scores and reflects the values they identified and the strategy they selected. 

For Example:

  1. Let's say that an investor from Eugene Oregon believes strongly in the need to reduce carbon emissions to help our planet. They also score an 80 on their risk analysis.

  2. The client could elect to overweight solar energy investments by adding a Solar ETF to their portfolio or they could choose to eliminate investments that include oil companies entirely.

  3. While building out a 80 risk score portfolio we would either increase the percentage of the portfolio invested in solar by adding a Solar ETF or restrict the ETFs, stocks, and bonds we select for the portfolio to non-oil companies. 

Signing a Contract

401K Plans

We partner with some of the nations most competitive 401K providers to supply your employees with this much sought after benefit. 

401K Plans


Leave Investing to the Mann!

We have low-cost approaches that can transform your financial life!


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We can potentially save your organization thousands on:

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Investment Costs

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