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TEST // Retirement Corpus


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TEST // College Calculator

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(Tuition x (1 + Rate)^Years) * Years + Expenses

*The inflation rate is assumed to be eight percent per year.

TEST // Oregon 529 Plan Credit Calculator

Use this to see if a Oregon 529 Plan can benefit you!

Secure your child's bright future with a tax-advantaged Oregon 529 Plan.

See how you can save for your child's education expenses in a smart and tax-efficient way.

Get up to $170 in tax credit for single filers, and $340 for joint filers.

Contribution Needed

Portfolio Analysis Submission Form

Step 1. Please email your investment statement to

Step 2. Complete the following form:





What would you like us to do? (select all that apply)

What are my goals for this account? (select all that apply)

When do I plan to start spending this money?

Liquid Net Worth

Income (annual)

Tax Bracket

Oregon Life Insurance Calculator

How much coverage do you need?

Immediate Expenses (burial, short-term debt)

Amount of years you expect to fund your dependants

Annual income you would like to provide

Amount in investments and savings 

Expected college funding and childcare

Excess expenses (mortgage, car payments)

Projected Amount

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